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Crafters established in the year of 1989 is an exquisite antiques shop, one of the finest in Kerala. Located in the quaint old quarter of Mattanchery, Cochin, the shop has an alluring collection of antiques, curios, handicrafts, souvenirs and ancient memorabilia from all across India. Rare antiques like religious artifacts, ancient brass-embedded wooden jewel boxes, Kerala’s celebrated traditional uruly, Chinese jars, ceramics, classic furniture, splendid sculptures, architectural marvels, magnificent murals – you name it, Crafters has it.Crafters is one of the biggest providers of artefacts and props for spas.


360 degree panoramic virtual tours of crafters store

Crafters Flagship Store
Crafters Antique Shop
Crafters - Furniture Store
Crafters - Silver Jewellery
Crafters Cafe
Crafters - Spice Division